Photographic field reconnaissance of bayous between Green Lake and Mission Lake in the Guadalupe River Estuary

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Center for Research in Water Resources, University of Texas at Austin
A short field reconnaissance of the bayous at the head of Mission Lake and Guadalupe Bay was conducted by the author with the assistance of Mr. Jack Campbell on January 10, 2013. The purpose of this reconnaissance was to familiarize the author with the connectivity in the bayou system. This report provides some of the key photographs taken by the author with Google Earth satellite images to provide context. Note that on January 9, the day before the reconnaissance trip, Victoria, Texas recorded 1.84 inches of rain, bringing the January total to 2.48 inches, vice the 0.82 inches that is normal for this early in the year. Graphs of river flows and water levels from USGS gaging stating 081888800 (Guadalupe River nr Tivoli, TX) are provided in the appendix. This report contains only a subset of the photographs that were taken on January 10, 2013. Other photographs and higher resolution copies are available. Please contact the author for further information. Google Earth aerial photographs in this summary are dated 3/10/2011.
Green Lake, Mission Lake, Guadalupe River Estuary, bayous