Installation of River and Drain Instrumentation Stations to Monitor Flow and Water Quality and Internet Data Sharing



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Texas Water Resources Institute


Over the last five years, the Paso del Norte Watershed Council’s Coordinated Water Resources Database and GIS Project (Project) was developed to provide improved access to regional water resources data for regional water stakeholders to make timely decisions in water operations and flood control. This report presents major components of the Project developed from August of 2005 through July of 2007 through funding provided by the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) through the Water 2025 Challenge Grant Program to the El Paso Water Utilities, Texas A&M University, and New Mexico State University. Additional documentation of related Project activities is provided through final project reports being submitted by the City of Las Cruces (CLC) and Elephant Butte Irrigation District (EBID) for the work conducted through linked USBR-funded Projects.

Tasks accomplished in the phase of work funded by the USBR include the following specific outcomes, which are detailed in later sections of the report:

* Continued compilation and inclusion of new data sources identified as relevant by Project partners and users;
* Installation and calibration of additional new monitoring stations and equipment and inclusion of these monitoring sites in web-based GIS map products to fill data gaps and provide additional real-time data;
* Linking to additional monitoring sites being implemented by EBID through their Project work and inclusion of these sites and data in web-based GIS map products;
* Development and implementation of a user needs survey focusing on new data sets of interest, enhanced access mechanisms, and other suggestions to improve the Project website;
* Development and deployment of an online, downloadable Microsoft Access database of Project water resource data to provide search and query functions;
* Development and deployment of an online help facility to make the site easier for users to navigate and use;
* Exploration of new tools to enhance online data sharing and access; and
* Implementation of suggestions compiled in the User Needs Assessment, including resolution of problems related to accessing the Project website using Firefox and Mozilla web browsers.

Keywords: Paso del Norte watershed, water resources database, GIS map, ArcIMS, data sharing and transfer, user needs assessment, Rio Grande, Rio Grande Project, gage station, surface water flow, groundwater, downloadable Microsoft Access database.