Cycling of Geotube® Solids from Dairy Lagoons Through Turfgrass Sod

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Texas Water Resources Institute

Polymer – Abbreviation for polyacrylamide is used in water purification to flocculate suspended organic matter. Although polyacrylamide is designated as a non-toxic additive by USDA, its building block, acrylamide, is a potential nerve toxin in humans and causes birth defects and cancer in animals. A concentration limit of 500 ppm acrylamide in polyacrylamide preparations has been established for water treatment applications.

Geotube® solids – particulate matter collected from wastewater pumped from lagoon into semi-permeable fibrous sock.

Lysimeter – Container in which the volume of soil used to grow plants is isolated hydrologically from surrounding soil to control and measure water and nutrient inputs and losses.

Mineralization – Conversion of organic N to NH4+. Heterotrophic microorganisms use organic carbon compounds as an energy source for the conversion process.