Conditional Reliability, Sub-Monthly Time Step, Flood Control, and Salinity Features of WRAP

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Texas Water Resources Institute

WRAP is a generalized river/reservoir system simulation model providing flexible capabilities for analyzing water resources development, management, control, allocation, and use. This supplemental reference and users manual documents expanded WRAP modeling capabilities that are not covered in the following basic reference and users manuals. Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Modeling System Reference Manual, TWRI TR-255, 1st Edition August 2003, 2nd Edition April 2005. Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Modeling System Users Manual, TWRI TR-256, 1st Edition August 2003, 2nd Edition April 2005. A Water Availability Modeling (WAM) System was developed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and its partner agencies and contractors during 1997-2003 pursuant to Senate Bill 1 enacted by the Texas Legislature in 1997 and subsequent legislation. The WAM System includes the generalized WRAP simulation model and input datasets for the river basins of the state. The Reference and Users Manuals cited above cover the WRAP capabilities that are reflected in the original Texas WAM System datasets plus several recently added enhancements. This Supplemental Manual covers the following other major modeling capabilities added to WRAP since completion of the original TCEQ WAM System datasets.