Buying, Selling and Exporting Groundwater: Implications for Groundwater Conservation Districts

dc.creatorSilvey, Valeen
dc.creatorLesikar, Bruce A.
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dc.description.abstractThis technical report contains summaries of presentations that were given at the Groundwater Conservation District Seminar Series on May 28, 2003, at the Texas A&M University George Bush Presidential Conference Center. Summaries of the following presentations are presented in this report: The Status of Groundwater Sales in Texas, by Ronald Kaiser. Groundwater Transactions: Buyers Perspective, by Russell Johnson. Purchasing Groundwater for Export: The Kinney County Proposal, by Lynn Sherman. Model Lease of Groundwater Rights, by Ned Meister. Protecting Your Land and Water in a Sales/ Lease Agreement, by Sandra Burns. Regulation of Exportation of Underground Water, by Doug Caroom. Roberts County Transportation Permits, by C.E. Williams. Export Fees: A Groundwater District Limits and Uses, by Jace Houston. The report also includes supplemental information about negotiating groundwater leases in Texas.en
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dc.titleBuying, Selling and Exporting Groundwater: Implications for Groundwater Conservation Districtsen
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