SWAT 2003: 2nd International SWAT Conference Proceedings

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Texas Water Resources Institute

This book of proceedings presents papers that were given at the 2nd International SWAT Conference, SWAT 2003, that convened in 2003 in Bari, Italy. The focus of this conference was to allow an international community of researchers and scholars to discuss the latest advances in the use of the SWAT (Soil Water Assessment Tool) model to assess water quality trends. SWAT is a comprehensive computer simulation tool that can be used to simulate the effects of point and nonpoint source pollution from watersheds, in the streams, and rivers. SWAT is integrated with several readily available databases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Because of the versatility of SWAT, the model has been utilized to study a wide range of phenomena throughout the world. At the same time, the research community is actively engaged in developing new improvements to SWAT for site-specific needs and linking SWAT results to other simulation models. This conference provided an opportunity for the international research community to gather and share information about the latest innovations developed for SWAT and to discuss challenges that still need to be resolved. This proceedings includes papers covering a variety of themes, including new developments associated with SWAT, applications of the SWAT model, the use of related modeling tools, how SWAT can be calibrated or compared to other models, the use of other simulation models and tools, and integrating SWAT with other models. In addition to papers presented at SWAT 2003, posters shown at the conference are also included in this proceeding.