Demonstration of the Rapid Assessment Tool: Analysis of Water Supply Conditions in the Harlingen Irrigation District

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Texas Water Resources Institute

RAT (Rapid Assessment Tool), currently under development, is a combination of surveys, data collection, mapping and limited direct measurement designed to provide a quick and cost-effective analysis of the conditions of the water distribution network of irrigation districts.

The Water Supply (Head) Conditions component of RAT is designed to determine the extent of the area affected from less than optimal water supply, to identify associated canal and pipeline segments, and to define the major causes of the problem. This report summarizes the application of this RAT component in the Harlingen Irrigation District.

Less than optimal water supply conditions were found to affect approximately 21,000 acres within the district. This means there is either insufficient flow (volume) or pressure to meet demand at the farm turnout. On an area basis, 6% of the affected area has minor problems, 59% moderate and 35% severe. This report includes tables and 7 charts which detail the types, extent, and causes of the head problem.